First days in Kenya!!!

Hey everybody! i’m really bummin’ out because I can’t figure out how to get my videos on to this blog… I can get the pictures but the videos are so much better than the pictures, they are unbelievable!! The first day we drove through Nairobi on our bus and it was really cool.. very different… the city is not quite as modern as I expected but it has everything that you need. The roads are very narrow with people walking around everywhere and busses and cars driving so close to you they almost scrape the side of our bus! Our driver Charles has no regard for human life. He is easily the most skilled driver I have ever encountered. He navigates his way through the tightest turns, through the most congested areas, steepest hills, etc. all while going as fast as he can and avoiding the huge potholes that are everywhere. I’m considering dubbing him the new boss charles….

I took video out of the window as we were driving through the city and it came out so great. I think it is the perfect way for somebody who hasn’t been here to get a real view of what the city is like.

We ate lunch at a nice restaurant in the city with a balcony overlooking the street so I got some good pictures/video from there too. I ordered “Pepper Steak” from the menu, it was a thin cut of tough beef that was spiced with pepper and covered in delicious sautéed onions. It also came with fries which I thought were better than most fries I’ve had in America. Less fatty and oily, they just tasted more real. When one of  my friends Russ ordered a beer the waitress laughed in his face because nobody drinks in the day here, only at night, but many people don’t drink at all or very sparingly. Dr. Wamai told us he has never before. After that when Jonothan ordered a pepsi, we were all a little flustered when she asked what flavor of pepsi he wanted. She meant what kind of pepsi product, so he had to specify by ordering pepsi cola.

Alright I’m writing a lot about nothing but to wrap up, we then went to the supermarket and bought groceries. We came back and Asha, Aliazar, and Russ cooked pasta with an unbelievable spicy tomato sauce with chicken in it as well as some red snapper… The fish was alright but the pasta and sauce was delicious. We had a great time at dinner and then after we sat and talked in our room for a few hours before bed. It was nice getting to know everybody.


First days in Kenya!!!

5 thoughts on “First days in Kenya!!!

  1. Mary Manning says:

    You write so well, I feel like I can imagine everything your talking about. I am so interested to know what the people are like. Especially the children. Your blogging helps to imagine what it is like to be there. It kinda gives me a mental picture of what your doing…. Keep going and good luck getting the videos up.

    1. Thanks mom, thanks for reading it and leaving a comment, it motivates me to write more… I CAN’T WAIT for you to see the videos… you will love them.. check in tomorrow to hear about the giraffes and elephants.


  2. Sam,
    Sounds like you are having a wonderful and educational experience in Kenya! I am so happy that you are enjoying your first days there learning and taking in the sights. I look forward to seeing your videos. Take care and watch it for those moving vehicles! Stay Safe!

    Thinking of you,
    Love, Sue

  3. Brooke Fitzgerald says:

    Hi dood! This is going to be such a cool thing to read when I’m bored at work so keep doing it!! The meat and onions sounds SOOO good (mostly just the onions). That guy David sounds so cool, too. I wanna see pictures of baby elephants. HAVE SO MUCH FUN! Take pictures of your hotel too. I wanna know what that looks like! Enjoy everything & try all the foods – keep me posted on the best ones. Bye!!

  4. Estin says:

    I enjoy reading all your reports–I’m learning a lot about that country — keep up the good work and enjoy yourself !!

    Uncle Estin

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