Flying Kites

Two days ago, a day before we went to visit the Maasai, we went to visit a school in Naivasha. Most of the students who go to school there are orphans and stay near the school all the time. The acting country director for this program called Flying Kites is a kid named Mike who is a Northeastern student. He has worked at this school once before for four months and was on his second term there working at the school.

When we got to the town that the school was in we met Mike and ate lunch at Hotel Lebanon, it is known to be the best place in town to eat. It was bigger than I thought, I only expected a few tables but I walked in the door and there were actually two rooms full of tables. We got chapati, beans, ugali, some meat samosas, and goat (which they cooked and then chopped up in front of us on the table. The goat was fatty and kind of gross. I ate some of the intestines and they weren’t all that bad, the thought of them was gross but they were really crunchy and didn’t taste too much like anything. I swallowed them with the ugali.

After the meal we went outside and were encouraged by Mike to take a dirt bike ride to the school which was five kilometers away. They were guys with bikes waiting to take us for a ride for a hundred shillings. I hopped on and it was so fun! It was a beautiful day and we were riding through such a beautiful green landscape.

Flying Kites

3 thoughts on “Flying Kites

  1. hahaha idk what happened with this one but this is only half of the story of the day… sorry about that… we went to the school and played with the kids for the next 3 or 4 hours it was pretty fun

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