Mombasa Raha!

When we finally got to Mombasa it felt like we were starting a vacation. We got to our hotel and it was nicer than any other place we stayed by far. It had air conditioning, clean rooms, beautiful showers, unbelievable breakfast ,key cards to get in your room and a pool equipped with a slide. We visited Fort Jesus and the Old town which was really beautiful. It looked like an old European city you’d see in a movie. It was right on the water, so while we were walking around we could often see the ocean in the distance.

Our first day on the beach was awesome. I  had been longing for the beach for a while so to go swimming in the warm Indian Ocean water was great. We stayed in until the tide got so high that there was barely ay beach left at all playing jackpot with a soccer ball and enjoying the water and the idea that we were actually in the Indian Ocean. That night I discovered Il Covo, an Italian restaurant with Sushi. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! it would be a great restaurant in the US too, it wasn’t just good for Kenya. Russ and I abused the menu, ordering almost half of it over 3 nights and 1 lunch and sharing it all. Pasta, sushi, pizza, steak, lasagna, banana crepes covered in caramel for desert, I felt like I was in heaven. The girls came up with the idea to take Wamai, Helen, Charles, Ben, and Carlo out to eat there as a thank you on our second to last night there and it was great. Jen made a great toast to the 5 of them saying thank you and then Ali D gave them all cards that we had signed for them. It was a great night but it was a sad reminder that it was all coming to an end soon and that we had to leave Mombasa.

The free time we had in Mombassa was very foreign to all of us and we definitely took advantage of it. I was at the beach or in the pool for all of my free time while the sun was still out. We played jackpot in the pool together for hours and soccer on the beach until we got so hot that we had to go for a swim. It was a blast. Wamai took us all out snorkeling on our last day there and it was so cool! I saw a bunch of really cool, colorful fish and some really exotic stuff like big black sea urchins, coral, and a few very different starfish. One was bright blue all over and another was black with red kind of prickers sticking out of it. It felt amazing to be swimming with these fish all around me in the Indian Ocean!

When we got back to the beach, we went to Il Covo for lunch and I had a delicious burger that reminded me of home. After lunch Jonothan and I got 1 hour massages by the beach for about $4.50 US. I barely had any money left but I figured that was a deal I couldn’t pass up.

The next day we woke up bright and early, I ate my last wonderful breakfast at Kahama hotel in Mombasa, and we got on the bus to go back to Nairobi.

Mombasa Raha!

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