Tsavo National Park Safari

It felt like we were coming home when we pulled into the Comfort Suites Hotel in Nairobi, where we stayed for the first two weeks of the trip. It had hot showers (as long as the electricity stayed on), functioning toilets, and most luxurious of all…. internet. It was great. We stayed there for one night and then travelled to Tsavo the next day for our safari and overnight there. We got to Tsavo at around three or four and went on our safari from five to six. It was cool but not amazing, we got to see buffalo, elephants and deer but they were very sparse. The next morning we woke up early and got to the park just as the gates were opening at 6:30. This safari was incredible. We saw probably 30 elephants, 15 or 20 giraffes, countless gazelles and zebras, a dozen ostriches, and three lions. We saw a male ostrich do a crazy dance to try to attract a female ostrich to mate with him. He bent his neck and swayed right to left back and forth for about ten minutes and the girl was not having any of it. She did not want to mate with him at all and I felt awful for the guy. He tried so hard! We also saw a giraffe that had been attacked and killed by something, a pack of lions presumably. It’s belly was open and completely hollowed out. We knew it must have happened recently because we drove past the same spot the evening before and it wasn’t there. It was such a rare and amazing thing for us to see. I was surprised that there weren’t any hyenas or vultures preying on the remnants of the giraffe, it was completely alone, laying in the musty air by the side of the dirt road.

After being in the park for a few hours our safari was near its end but we went down one path to see if we could find a lion. All of the sudden Ben, at the front of the bus said, “Stop!… I have seen the lion.” When he said it my initial reaction was to jump up and look out the window, but after I realized it wasn’t there I laughed at Ben’s reaction. You had to be there but it was so funny the way he said it. Anyways, there were supposedly three lions and they all had gone behind a bush to try to sleep. A few other vans were parked in front of the bush so we knew they must have seen the lions too. We waited for about 40 or so minutes staring at a bush and after nothing emerged we drove a little further to see what we could find. Nothing new really and on our way back we stopped again at the bush, the same vans still waiting to see the lions. We sat there for about fifteen minutes and then a pack five or six elephants started walking right towards the bush. We were all so excited and waiting to see what would happen! Would the elephants scare the lions away? Would the lions attack one of the elephants? Would the elephants pass and nothing happen? The elephants kept walking directly at the bush and when they got to it, three lions dispersed from the bush and ran about 40 feet away in front of another bush, where they laid in the grass, surprisingly well blended in. It was so cool to actually see a lion but they were much smaller than I had imagined. It was three females so I would’ve liked to see how big a male is.

The elephants continued walking right in front of our bus and one stopped and started galloping slowly towards the bus. Our bus driver didn’t hesitate to put the bus in reverse and back up as quickly as he could. After he did that the elephants walked away. We left the park with a bunch of awesome photos and videos and the rare experience of going on a safari in Kenya!


Tsavo National Park Safari

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