Step 2 – getting to know Santiago

The balcony in my hotel has become my chill spot… I come out here to read, eat breakfast, write my blogs, and to hang with Karl and Desmond. It’s great because I’m outside and I get to feel the city.

The mountains have been beautiful the last two days. On the first day we were here it was terribly smoggy so we weren’t able to get that great of a view of them but on Monday, when we walked up on to the street from Baquedano station the sky was clear for us to enjoy. I didn’t notice them right away but when I looked around and saw them I was stunned. They are gorgeous! Massive and snow-capped. Every time I look at them I pick out dream ski lines that I want to do. Me and Desmond walked down the street to get lunch, past a KFC and into a little diner type place. We both got chicken with empenadas (little ravioli kind  of things filled with cheese that you eat with your hands). It was good and really cheap; only 2,125 chilean pesos each (about USD$4). From there, we met up with the rest of the group and went to San Cristobal(? I’m not quite sure of the name of the place), a big hill in the middle of the city with a huge statue of St. Mary on top; a place where people go to pray and to take pictures of the city and the mountains. We went up in a big cart on train tracks and it kind of felt like we were going up a big roller coaster about to get to the big drop. The view from the top was great but it would’ve been even more incredible if the city wasn’t so polluted! Even still, we could see the mountains better than we had since arriving and we were able to look out over the whole city. I stopped at a shop and got Mote con Huesillo. It was delicious; tea with cut up peaches in it and grains like corn kernels at the bottom. I drank the tea but also used a spoon to eat the peaches and the grains.

That night we came back and made burgers and chorrizo sausages in our room and they turned out delicious mostly thanks to Karl. Everybody came over and we all hung out until maybe 2ish and then we went to bed to get some sleep for class.

I know this one was short, but I just wanted to post something quickly because I hadn’t in a few days. The next one will be more interesting; about our first classes and the tango lessons we took.

Step 2 – getting to know Santiago

2 thoughts on “Step 2 – getting to know Santiago

  1. Tris and Jeff says:

    A city surrounded by snow capped mountains – sounds lovely. Do you stay on the ski trail in your dreams?!! Keep writing – we love learning about the food and culture. Miss you – T and J

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