On Sunday we took an hour and a half bus ride to Pomaire, a small town full of shops with a bunch of hand made clothes, leather goods, and other goods; the perfect place to buy gifts. We got off of the bus and walked around on our own for about two hours. I bought Katie a purple change purse first and they engraved her name in the leather. Then I got Julie and Erin some scarves, pops a backscratcher, and mom a stringy hanging thing that holds plant pots and a bag of chamomile tea. I walked around with everybody looking at all the different things. They had a lot of pots for sale and a lot of cool mittens and scarves. It was a cool day trip to get some gifts for everybody back home but it wasn’t anything to special.


We all ate lunch together and when I first got in the restaurant I went right to the fire and warmed up. It was a nasty day out, rainy and cold. After I warmed up a little bit, I went over, at down at my table with Desmond, Karl, and Dan and ordered pastel de Choclo. First we all got salad and bread with salsa, which we pleaded to get more of but they kept forgetting to bring to us. I got peach juice to drink, which became my favorite drink during my trip. The Pastel de Choclo came and it was delicious. It was like a kind of Sheppard’s pie with potato, corn, beef, onion, an egg, and an olive underneath a sweet crispy covering. It was delicious. Abby didn’t want hers so I ate hers as well! After lunch we looked around at all the shops for a little bit longer and then took the bus back to the hotel. Desmond and I bought a hot loaf of bread on the side of the street for the bus ride.


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