Volunteering at two primary schools

During our time in Chile we visited two elementary schools to help out with the students. At both we helped in classrooms with about 30 kids. There were only a few teachers and the kids were really rowdy. The teachers definitely had a tough job. I did pretty much the same thing at both schools: first helped the students color and after played with the kids outside. The first school was nicer than the second with an open campus and pretty modern buildings. We met all the kids and they got to ask us questions about where we were from and what we were doing in Chile and things like that. One kid raised his hand pointed at me and in Spanish asked, “Why are you so tall?” I laughed and I said I don’t know I just am. It is odd though,  rarely did I see anybody taller than me wherever I went. Whenever we took the train I could always see both ends because my head was above everybody else’s. We each sat down at a table with the kids and started to help them color. For the most part they were pretty shy, especially to me, the only guy helping out at this particular school that day. After we helped them color, it was recess time. The girls jumped rope and the guys played soccer. The ball was a little soda bottle and the goals were two fences on either side of a dirt patch about 75 feet long. I played soccer with the little kids and some of them were really good! It was amazing how they had learned to control a soda bottle as if it was a round soccer ball. I was pretty useless to my team.


The second school we went to was a lot more crowded and it wasn’t nearly as nice as the first one. There were two floors of classrooms in an L shape that surrounded a open area where the kids went to play. We all went into one of the classrooms and it was full of loud, unruly students. The teachers tried to calm them down but their efforts were fruitless. The students watched a short video about Pinocchio and had to answer questions about it. Then tey were all given a picture of Pinocchio to color in. Me Karl, and Karl’s friend helped them color and joked around them. Karl is ridiculous so he had them laughing but they thought he was really weird. One of the girls thought that one of the boysin the class was cute and told me but freaked out at me when I joked that I was going to tell him.


After everyone finished coloring, we went outside and played with the kids before we left. I threw a paper airplane back and forth for a while with one kid, played soccer for a few minutes and then talked with two of the older kids and taught them some English words.

Volunteering at two primary schools

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