Last day in Chile – Santa Lucia and Maestra Vida

So it was our last day in Chile before taking off for Boston. Ian wanted to go to Santa Lucia market and I still needed to buy a wallet for Dr. Wamai, so Dan, Ian, and I took the train to Santa Lucia. First, we climbed the stairs of the old military fort that was across the street from the market. The view from the top was incredible. We could see all of Santiago. I still think that the coolest part about the city is how beautiful the mountains surrounding it are. We walked back down the hill and went across the street to the market. We walked around for about an hour. Dan and Ian bought a few things and I bought a wallet for Dr. Wamai.

At night we all went out to celebrate the entire trip. Even though I did not want to spend any money I got coaxed into going out to dinner with about half of the crew. I’m glad I did because we went to an awesome restaurant. I got steak with some veggies I can’t remember exactly what it was but it was delicious. The girls ordered a ton of food and we all shared it with them. I remember I had the best tuna tartar I’ve ever eaten. It was on some type of shortbread and it was so good.

After we ate we went to Maestra Vida on more time and danced salsa until 3 in the morning. It was a great way to end an unforgettable trip.

Last day in Chile – Santa Lucia and Maestra Vida

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