Story of House Music Culture in South Africa

This is a really cool video about the obsession with house music in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg. My housemate Reggie is from Jo’burg and was going crazy when I showed him this video. He said this is a completely accurate description of the social scene in the city and he is a huge fan of Black Coffee, Black Motion, and some of the other DJs featured in this video.

Today I met an entrepreneur/music producer who goes by “Smokey.” He is trying to establish a music club/restaurant/bookstore/creative arts center in Gugulethu, a township of Cape Town. He said they primarily have hip hop artists come in, but they play house music as well. He and his girlfriend were some of the coolest people I’ve met this time around in Cape Town. We exchanged numbers and I might go check out a show on Sunday if I can get some people interested.

Check this video out to get a taste of modern South African culture.


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