Njabini’s Potato Project

More Northeastern students doing amazing things. This one tops it all for me. I’ve never met someone more dedicated to helping others than the guy Mike in this video. Check it out, support them if you can and look into some of their awesome scarves and slippers.


Investing in Impact — Northeastern’s Social Enterprise Institute in Nicaragua

This is an amazing promo video that my friend Abhi Nangia put together to promote the work of Northeastern’s Social Enterprise Institute at Northeastern. I met Abhi when we were assigned to design a successful business model around providing clean cookstoves to people in rural areas of Haiti. That project was incredible and now he is working to start his own social enterprise called reweave. The organization’s goal is to use media development much like you see in this video to promote the work of under resourced social enterprises around the world. It will also connect entrepreneurs, students, and volunteers to each other to create relationships that cultivate the greatest possible impact. The website is scheduled to launch next spring. If you like this video please vote for it in the Global Business School Network’s Competition. If you want to learn more about the Social Enterprise Institute check out their website or ask me! I’ve done a lot of cool stuff with them over the past 3 years.

Vote for Abhi’s video here: http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/316681/voteable_entries/66324999

Learn more about Northeastern’s Social Enterprise Institute here: http://www.northeastern.edu/sei/